Data Science And Analytics

Each industry operates on data, from product marketing to management, R&D to risk monitoring, financial forecasts to process optimization. But who is in charge of it? We link data-driven customers with the innovative minds influencing the emerging global order at ROI.

Some Brands We Work With

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Trends in Data Analytics

COVID-19 has splintered established data methods and changed data patterns. As a natural outcome, there is now a shift from large datasets to little data, with a new emphasis on combining ideas from a variety of data, analytics, and AI sources to get more relevant insights with a little less.

This multi-faceted data analytics methodology can hasten data uptake and optimization across whole organizations. ROI focuses on giving the best data analytics trends on each passing day.

The integration of data analytics and data science across organizations will inevitably increase the need for reporting and analytics expertise.

While amateur data scientists will continue to be a popular and cost-effective option to genuine data scientists, the demand for legitimate, expert data capabilities will grow at this level of growth.

That’s when our ROI enters the picture and helps the industry to grow best.

What clients say about us

Always provides quality work with my requirements and on time delivery as per expectations. One thing i liked about Roi IT Resources is their fully transparent way of service.
Max Grill
Over the course of my project I have had dealings with several of the Roi IT Resources team and I would have to say that all of them have been very professional and helpful. I hope to have them looking after my new website long term and I would have no problem recommending them for any future projects.
Max Grill

Recruitment for Data Analytics

Employment in data science and analytics needs a thorough grasp of the industry. Developing relationships, deciphering needs, and spotting possibilities that will thrill the appropriate applicants all involve knowing the vocabulary of the market. As a consequence, we always take an expert-led strategy.

With over many years of expertise specializing in data analytics recruiting, our practice manager at ROI can provide educated market suggestions, provide talent analysis, and assist you in developing long-term data science hiring plans.

We at ROI provide a distinct acute emphasis on the market, backed by a team of geographically and aligned parallel data professionals and backed by ROI’s broader IT disciplines.

The recruitment solutions provided by ROI are designed to be scalable.

While data and analytics are among our Specialized Markets, we deliver this service to businesses of all sizes and industries, and it may be provided separately or as part of a larger package.

Jobs in Data Science and Analytics

Unless you’re seeking to start your big data profession, get into the details with data analytics employment, create an effect with Business Intelligence (BI), or offer input as a Data Scientist, our data jobs include the freshest and also most in-demand positions in the UK, Germany, Europe, and the US.

From specialized beginning to elevated data centers, from those employing data and AI at the cutting-edge to those who depend on data for competitive advantage, and everything else in between, our diverse customer base provides possibilities for every information skill set. We concentrate majorly on  SQL Server, Oracle, and Open Source databases.

The following are some of the data science and analytics positions we offer currently:

  • Head of Data
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Manager
  • BI/Data Analyst
  • Technical Lead

Switch to our team of ROI to know more about the vacancies available in the field of Data Science and Analytics now!

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