Cloud and DevOps

ROI focuses on DevOps and cloud recruiting strategies that work around you and your talent goals since we realize how rapidly the cloud and DevOps market is evolving. We understand the importance of knowledge in this field, which is why our experts are committed to your industry, speak your dialect, and have a thorough understanding of your target demographic. Simply put, we understand your field of expertise and can help you with what you need in Cloud and DevOps space.

Some Brands We Work With

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Industry Trends in Cloud and DevOps

While remote workforces drove a drastic shift as far as how, when, and where we work, 2021 pushed the technological change, increased cloud services, and hastened DevOps implementation. Businesses will increasingly use hybrid and multi-cloud systems in the long term as they strive to increase flexibility and security. This will be accompanied by a move toward microservices and packaging to increase mobility in a less rigid context, as well as Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) to streamline and manage infrastructure. In 2021, new ‘Ops’ procedures will be further developed to match the quick lifecycles and changing demands of our new, more digital world.

DataOps and MLOps, for instance, are becoming critical for establishing quicker, insight-driven delivery processes, while the requirement for cybersecurity in a heterogeneous environment will drive the a shift left’ strategy, with DevSecOps being much more common in development. Simultaneously, the new chaotic engineering approach demonstrates how the epidemic has entered how we create, with higher attention on change testing.

Solutions for Cloud and DevOps Recruiting

We recognize how quickly the cloud and DevOps market is growing, hence why we have a staff devoted to assisting our customers and applicants in establishing cloud-based enterprises. Our Cloud and DevOps business is managed by a director with ultimate expertise in this field, and it is backed up by a small team of experienced professionals stationed all around the UK.

We can help you find top people to complement your company plan, whether you need to make a single hiring today or develop a whole team for tomorrow’s problems. Our DevOps and cloud recruiting services are tailored to your specific needs. Working with ROI will also provide you exposure to special intelligence, ranging from rival research to market comparisons, industry events to HR trends, because we know this industry better than anyone else. Getting you in the best possible position to recruit cloud and DevOps talent is our ultimate motto.

What clients say about us

Always provides quality work with my requirements and on time delivery as per expectations. One thing i liked about Roi IT Resources is their fully transparent way of service.
Max Grill
Over the course of my project I have had dealings with several of the Roi IT Resources team and I would have to say that all of them have been very professional and helpful. I hope to have them looking after my new website long term and I would have no problem recommending them for any future projects.
Max Grill

Jobs in the Cloud and DevOps

Our employment possibilities are as diverse as the settings our clients operate in, including everything cloud-based (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) and infrastructure oriented – from business to network and cloud security to managing projects.

Cloud, DevOps, Automation, SCRUM, Linux (CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu), UNIX (Solaris, AIX), storage, Virtualization (VMWare), Exchange Server, AD, Windows Server, Cisco, and System Center (SCCM, SCOM), Data Centre Hosting, Storage, and Back-Up are some of our main areas of expertise.

The following is a list of cloud computing and DevOps careers that we cover:

  • Cloud Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Platform Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Enterprise Solutions Architect
  • Head of Cloud
  • Head of DevOps
  • Head of Infrastructure
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • IT Infrastructure Analyst
  • Automation Engineer
  • 2nd/3rd Line Support Engineer
  • Systems Administrator

Thus, ROI involves shaping the minds of the future generation in the field of DevOps and Cloud Computing. For more information, join our team to get in touch with us now!

Why choose ROI Resources?

  • We will find prospects that no one else may, and we’ll do it faster than anybody else.
  • We can assist you in finding continuous and contract employees.
  • Only once you’ve employed the proper personnel do you pay us.
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