Find the secret emoticon keyboard for your iPhone…

With Emoji the fastest emerging language in the UK and growing faster than any ancient form of communication, power users are always in search of ways to make progress in the game.

Fortunately, iPhones have a stealthy Kaomoji keyboard, which lets users create more sketchy emoticons such as ¯\(ツ)/¯ using formations of Japanese letters.

On iPhones, the Kaomoji keyboard is inbuilt, even though it needs to be activated at first.

Steps to find it:

  • Go to Settings on an iPhone & then General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards
  • Then “Add New Keyboard” & choose “Japanese”, followed by “Kana”
  • Now open a typing window, and select the keyboard by pressing the globe icon
  • Press the ^_^ character on the bottom left followed by the up arrow on the top right of the keyboard

Thereafter, dozens of plain text emoticons will appear, permitting users to rapidly text dozens of kaomoji.

To get back to the standard keyboard, just press the globe icon again.

As with emoticons, the Kana keyboard will display the most freshly used emoticons, which can be found by pressing the ^_^ in the bottom right.


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