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Transform your home into a ‘smart home’ just for £130

A DIY kit which can convert a property into a “smart home” for just £130 is being encouraged as perfect for Londoners staying in small apartments.

Iris, revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, lets customers control heating, security and lights via a smartphone although out of the house.

The kit can also be utilized for door unlocking, and can also be uninstalled and taken to a different property — making it best for tenants who are repeatedly moving.

A £90 “home automation” package, which is not yet offered in the UK, comprises of a motion sensor to sense impostors and a plug that can be remotely turned off. Their controller hub charges around £40.

US firm Lowe’s, which agenerated Iris, manufactured a show home at the CES to show off the kit, the world’s largest tech show. “People in towns such as London would truly benefit from Iris because of how well it works in compact apartments,” said Product manager Robbie Falls.

A number of companies, counting Samsung, are making more unified devices to be used in smart homes.

Mark Blunden flew as a guest of low-cost carrier Norwegian, which flies the 787-9 Dreamliner weekly from Gatwick to Los Angeles (norwegian.com)

A futuristic electric supercar which can reach speeds of up 200mph has been revealed.

The single-seat FFZERO1, which has a smartphone berth in its steering wheel, prepared its debut at CES.

California-based Faraday Future said it had no plans to trade the FFZERO1, but would start constructing a different model.

A teaser video has been seen nearly one million times on YouTube.

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