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Video discloses simple steps to eliminate pre-installed apps from Apple iPhones

iPhone customers often get irritated, because their home screens are jumbled by pre-installed apps that cannot be removed.

But one YouTube video has shown an easy trick to make the unwanted icons vanish sans the app being totally deleted from the phone.

The short 49-second clip shows a man dragging three Apple apps into a folder which he retitles as ‘Disappear’.

While the icons are still ‘shaking’, a feature which occurs when iPhone users select to reorganise their folders and applications, the man transfers one icon to the second page of the folder.

The man then drags the app to the middle of third page of the folder and while keeping his finger on the icon, presses the home button.

The icon glides off to the top left hand curve of the screen before vanishing.

The video maker reiterates the procedure twice more for other apps earlier to returning to the home screen.

While the apps have gone from the home screen and sub-folder, they are hidden from view.

The video maker clarifies while the apps are no longer visible, they have not been removed from the phone and will re-emerge once the iPhone is switched off and restarted.


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